29 august 2010

You and I...

I say yes but you say no
I’m hot but you’re cold
I go up but you go down
I say black but you say white
I’m in hell but you in heaven
I am lost but you are found
I see dark but you see light
I feel dead but you alive
I love moon but you love sun
I wait nights but you wait times.
But yes or no,
Hot or cold,
Up or down,
I’m yours and you’re mine.

2 comentarii:

  1. Intr-adevar...frumoase versurile.
    Imi place si infatisarea blogului...cu personalitate.
    Am vazut ca desenezi,ca si mine...
    Influente romantice in poeziile tale...
    Peste o luna voi fi si eu in Iasi...
    Si concidenta,avem acelasi nume...